Big 3D installation project about the subject "MASKS"

The invention of masks by humankind has been motivated by multiple interests. They can help to hide, change oneself’s appearance or social status and emphasize emotions.

The properties of masks are also used in the animal kingdom. Deceit, camouflage, intimidation, hypnosis, in order to survive, can be found in every natural environment. The prey finds itself trapped, vulnerable, frightened, seduced, deceived.

We can acknowledge that there is a similar protocol in the animal kingdom and in the human society.
Therefore, we could raise the question of how to transpose these natural masks that deceive, attract or hypnotise to fulfill the primal goal of survival and reproduction, into the sphere of the audience.
How to emulate the emotions felt in the animal world so a public could experience them ?

· Worked with : Louis Vigreux, Aurélien Thomas, Justin Buisson, Rémi Cloatre and Mickaël Loe-A-Fook

· Sound design :